Trump’s yuge Week Two

Trump and staff rethink tactics after stumbles. Case study in chaos: How management experts grade a Trump White House. Ryan Lizza on Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus’s war for the White House. Trump missing top lieutenants across federal government: The work at some agencies has slowed because of the lack of deputies. “Let the leaking begin”: Longtime NASA watchdog welcomes new rogue-agency tweeters. Thread: “You really can't overstate how institutionally weak Trump is right now”. Donald Trump is about to find out you can't run government like a business (and more). Businesses grow concerned about Trump after early excitement. Trump announces plan to Let Wall Street Scam America Again (and more and more)

Now it's the Republicans who are facing angry Obamacare town halls. Why Republican efforts to "repair" Obamacare are doomed to fail. Princeton, Harvard, and dozens of other top American colleges delivered Trump a searing letter accusing him of “staining the country's reputation”. In Trumpistan, things fall apart: Even after winning the presidency, Trump can’t capture the love and adulation he craves above all else. Michael Specter on the deep denialism of Donald Trump. Charles Sykes on why nobody cares the president is lying. Nate Silver on 14 versions of Trump’s presidency, from #MAGA to impeachment. Kevin Baker on the politicization of everything: Is no part of American life safe from politics in the Age of Trump?

Trump's comparing US to Putin's Russia draws bipartisan backlash. “One day, every Republican will have to face the utter shame of their silence in the face of Trump's outrages against decency and competence”.

Trump’s yuge Week Two: What mattered, and what didn’t (and more and more)