An Evening of Lesbian Literature, Panel I

McCrary Bond feels that lesbian writing should address lesbianism as subject and she writes about "independent female sexuality and women independent from men."Kantrowitz notes that "When I came out as a lesbian and stopped caring what men thought of me I was able to write…something about that claiming of my own power made me also able to write about everything else in the world." Dorothy Allison says "Like most ofthe working class writers I know I juggle my life to survive. I'm doing a helluva lot better than at it than I've ever done. I intend to continue." And that she "write(s) for people who get the joke." Finally, Breedlove comments that she cannot separate the personal from the politicalofand that she writes for African American lesbian women and for the people that are difficult to reach. She then sings and reads a poem 'The New Miss Praise The Lord"" from her book.