The problem of death

Tom Froese (UNAM): Life is Precious Because It is Precarious: Individuality, Mortality, and the Problem of Meaning. In a study, researchers showed that separating a person's consciousness from her physical body reduced her fear of dying. How far can we push the limits of human life? George Dvorsky on why the human lifespan ends at 122. Can humans outsmart aging? Here's what science says about the case for defeating death. Craig Venter mapped the genome — now he's trying to decode death. Only human: Meet the hackers trying to solve the problem of death. What it feels like to die: Science is just beginning to understand the experience of life’s end. Can your “self” survive death? Robert Lawrence Kuhn investigates.

600 miles in a coffin-shaped bus, campaigning against death itself: Zoltan Istvan ran for president with a modest goal in mind — human immortality. Heaven freezes over: How the cryonics business promises eternal life. Freeze your head and live forever: A new generation is keeping Russia’s centuries-old fascination with immortality alive. 14-year-old girl who died of cancer wins right to be cryogenically frozen (and more).