The policing of black people in the 21st century

Akwasi Owusu-Bempah (Toronto): Race and Policing in Historical Context: Dehumanization and the Policing of Black People in the 21st Century. Devon W. Carbado (UCLA): From Stopping Black People to Killing Black People: The Fourth Amendment Pathways to Police Violence. Devon W. Carbado (UCLA) and Patrick F. Rock (GCC): What Exposes African Americans to Police Violence? Lawrence Rosenthal (Chapman): Good and Bad Ways to Address Police Violence. To take the measure of lives: Ryan T. Woods on the metrics and morals of quantifying police violence. America's blue wall of terror: Michael Eric Dyson on why black people fear the police, and why white people refuse to believe it. Black communities stop calling 911 after instances of police brutality, research shows.

Chris Hayes on how America became a colonial ruler in its own cities. American policing is broken — here's how to fix it: Step one — police must admit there's a problem. America has locked up so many black people it has warped our sense of reality.