Destroying the American experiment

From Lawfare, what happens when we don't believe the president's oath? Benjamin Wittes and Quinta Jurecic investigate. Trump's Twitter feed is a gateway to authoritarianism. At the root of Trump's new fury: Total contempt for American democracy. Mark Danner on what he could do. Every bizarre Trump eruption is a rehearsal for when it really matters: His accusation that Obama tapped his phone is crazy — but look at it closely to see why we should really be worried. It looks as if Trump is already clearing the path ahead by pre-emptively blaming the media and the courts for any future terrorist attack; the more we publicly declare that we are expecting Trump and his allies to attempt this move, the less power the move will have if and when they make it. Many serious political crises are perfectly constitutional — that's a problem.

"Your daily reminder that Republicans in Congress have the power to end this clown show, but have chosen to enable him without any oversight". Lee Drutman on how a too-strong presidency and a too-weak Congress are destroying the American experiment. From the Gotham Philosophical Society, John Davenport on the only way to save America: Constitutional amendments and the convention idea.