Spaces of encounter

Morgan N. Weiland (Stanford): Expanding the Periphery and Threatening the Core: The Ascendant Libertarian Speech Tradition. Daniel Cockayne (Waterloo), Agnieszka Leszczynski (Auckland), Matthew Zook (Kentucky): #HotForBots: Intimacy, Sex, and the Non-human in Digital Spaces of Encounter. From The Monkey Cage, a symposium on the protests in Russia. Wall Street’s new favorite way to swap secrets is against the rules. A judge rules Trump may have incited violence — and Trump again has his own mouth to blame. Could Michael Flynn turn on Trump? In defense of cultural criticism in Trump’s America: Josephine Livingstone on why the arts need a space the state can't touch — and how we get there.

Gibraltar’s future at stake in Brexit negotiations. Spain appears to back independent Scotland’s membership of EU as row over Gibraltar escalates. Just what the hell is going on with Gibraltar and Brexit? Short version — Britain is not going to go to war with Spain, whatever former Tory leader Michael Howard says. “Gibraltar row shows why we have the EU in first place: to get countries to drop nationalist grievances. Without EU, it all pops back up”.