Now that Trump’s presidency has failed

Kathleen Sebelius knows better than anyone how Trump can still mess with Obamacare. The Republican Party’s deadly policy apathy: Conservative health care experts were frustrated — but not surprised — by Trumpcare’s spectacular failure. One of Trump’s central problems? He doesn’t get policy — the president’s lack of policy knowledge is hampering his administration in several different ways. The beclowning of the executive branch: News paints a grim picture of the state of competence in the executive branch. President Trump has tried nothing and he’s all out of ideas. How Trump can regain the initiative: The resources of a determined president are great, and Trump’s enablers are powerful.

Alice Ollstein on why unified Republican government went rapidly off the rails. Now that Trump’s presidency has failed, will GOP voters finally leave their bubble? They could bury us: Will outrage fatigue allow Trump to survive? The Trump administration has pushed the limits of American absurdity. The third term of the Bush administration: It’s something like rain on your wedding day that the likely core end product of the Trump administration will be massive upper-class tax cuts with a 10-year sunset and neoconfederate judges, granting that the foreign policy will involve fewer ground troops and even more indiscriminate bombing.