Neil Gorsuch and the nuclear option

Democratic Senators Tammy Duckworth and Catherine Cortez Masto say Neil Gorsuch refused to meet with them. We are dealing with toxic levels of smarm: Enough with Neil Gorsuch. Emily Bazelon and Eric Posner on the government Gorsuch wants to undo. Neil Gorsuch got where he is because of a form of affirmative action: Will he remember that if he makes it to the Supreme Court? Senate Republicans get the Supreme Court fight backwards. AP fact check: GOP’s selective history on Supreme Court fight. Can and should Mitch McConnell go nuclear? The showdown over Neil Gorsuch and the nuclear option, explained. Thread: “Even if you are quite to the left and think J. Gorsuch should be filibustered, it is self defeating to target red state Dem Senators”. If Gorsuch isn’t filibustered, the next Democratic nominee will be. Eric Levitz on why the filibuster deserves to die.