Political theory and real politics

Kai Nielsen (Calgary): Cosmopolitanism Revisited: The Need for More than Armchair Thinking. Scott Timcke (West Indies): Raptures and Ruptures: Ideology in Late 20th, Early 21st Century Western Liberalism. Janosch Prinz (East Anglia) and Enzo Rossi (Amsterdam): Political Realism as Ideology Critique. David Runciman (Cambridge): Political Theory and Real Politics in the Age of the Internet. Matthew H. Kramer (Cambridge): Problems of Dirty Hands as a Species of Moral Conflicts. Duncan Ivison on a deep question in political philosophy: Why should I obey the law and the state more generally? Rafael Khachaturian on thinking with and against the state. Zachary Braiterman on Carl Schmitt, Donald Trump, and academic political theory. Thoughtfulness, truth and responsibility: Craig French on the uses and limits of political theory in dark times.