Political philosophy is surprisingly modern

C.G. Bateman (UBC): Socrates and Cicero: Functionality as Justice. Matt Qvortrup argues that Aristotle’s political philosophy is surprisingly modern. Have we got Machiavelli all wrong? Machiavelli is often portrayed as the first honest teacher of dishonest politics. Tim Parks on a no-nonsense Machiavelli. Montaigne on trial: What do we really know about the philosopher who invented liberalism? Skye C. Cleary on how Simone de Beauvoir’s political philosophy resonates today. Must God be a conversation-stopper for the political philosopher? A review essay on Leo Strauss by Miguel Vatter. The docile visionary, James V. Schall, SJ: David Paul Deavel on the life and thought of a remarkable priest, philosopher, professor, and author on the occasion of his 89th birthday.