From Philosophy and Public Issues, a symposium on People and Territory, including Ian Carter (Pavia): Territory, Self-determination, and Individual Autonomy. Theodore Christakis (Grenoble) and Aristoteles Constantinides (Cyprus): Territorial Disputes in the Context of Secessionist Conflicts. Milena Sterio (Cleveland State): Secession: A Proposal for a New Legal Framework. Joseph Blocher and G. Mitu Gulati (Duke): Forced Secessions. Marvin Suesse (NYU): Shaping the Size of Nations: A Test of the Determinants of Secessions. Arnold N. Pronto (UN): Irredentist Secession in International Law. Joseph Blocher and Mitu Gulati (Duke): Forced Secessions; and A Market for Sovereign Control. Anna Gelpern (Georgetown): Cinderella Sovereignty.