The Comey firing is a constitutional crisis

The tragedy of James Comey: The former FBI director’s attempts to protect the bureau’s independence may have fatally compromised that independence. How it was done: The problem is not only that Trump fired Comey, but how he did it. “He doesn’t give a crap who he fires”: The only people who aren’t surprised by Trump’s dismissal of James Comey are the people who’ve watched his whole career. Trump’s Razor is simply never wrong. “Loyalty freak” Donald Trump freaks out FBI with alleged loyalty pledge. From Vox, why the FBI might wage “war” on Trump — and how they would actually do it; and the 3 ways to do an independent investigation of Trump and Russia, explained.

Trump seems to be staging a coverup — so what’s the crime? Mark Tushnet thinks Trump really could be impeached over Comey: “When a president can break the law without fear of impeachment, then we should really be worried”. Are there any Republican heroes left? Republicans stepped up during Watergate — who will step up now? (and more) This feels like a turning point: Nobody is in control of the narrative right now.

Dylan Matthews asked 7 experts if the Comey firing is a constitutional crisis — here’s what they said (and more). Experts on authoritarianism are absolutely terrified by the Comey firing. Trump is trying to control the FBI — it’s time to freak out: If Republicans in Congress continue to cover for his actions, the damage to the health of American government may be longstanding (and more). Our rendezvous with authoritarianism has arrived.