Partisans are slow to turn on their president

How the pro-Trump media responds to a crisis in just 4 steps: Stay quiet, blame and discredit, change the news cycle, and then close the loop. Trump’s fans shrug off Oval Office leak: “Total bullshit”, one pro-Trump troll said of reports that the president disclosed sensitive intelligence to the Russians. These 2 charts show why more Republicans don’t object to how Trump fired Comey. Trump is using a Nixon tactic to shore up conservative support in a crisis. All the president’s yes men: Trump’s most credible messengers are being accurate — but they’re not being honest. The tarnishing of H.R. McMaster: One of America’s finest soldiers has been dragged into Trump’s swamp of deceit. Free advice to Trump aides: Quit while you can. Republicans need to abandon the Trump ship ASAP: America’s national security demands it.

Republicans in a panic over Russia — will they do the right thing? Republicans need to stop hoping Trump will change: The question is what they’re going to do about it. Judd Legum on the myth of Republicans in Congress “pulling away from Trump”. Why partisans are slow to turn on their president. McConnell makes it plain: Sharing that classified intelligence was pretty bad — but let’s focus on the big picture which is tax reform. Maximillian Alvarez on the Gospel According to Mitch: Everyone knows McConnell is a slimy hypocrite — what’s worse, everyone knows that his hypocrisy works.