Trump’s trip was a catastrophe

From Congressional Research Service, a report on NATO funding and burdensharing. Steve Saideman on Trump’s unpopularity and what it means for NATO. Trump confirms Europe’s worst fears: Worried continental leaders discover that the U.S. president’s brash and unpredictable persona is not an act. Europe can no longer “completely depend” on America, Merkel says: Time for Europe to “take our fate into our own hands” (and more). Donald Trump acted like “a drunk tourist” on Europe trip that led Angela Merkel to proclaim end of US alliance. Angela Merkel, Donald Trump and the end of the west: The German leader’s speech was a blunder and risks becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Thanks to Trump, Germany says it can’t rely on the United States — what does that mean? Germany is quietly building a European army under its command. Trump’s trip was a catastrophe for U.S.-Europe relations. Eurasia is on the rise — will the US be left on the sidelines?