Shanthi Sekaran: "Lucky Boy" | Talks at Google

Shanthi Sekaran's new novel, Lucky Boy, tells a story of borders: borders between countries, between classes, between possibility and impossibility, and borders of the body. Lucky Boy, follows two stories: that of Soli Castro-Valdez, an undocumented Mexican woman; and that of Rishi and Kavya Reddy, an Indian-American couple who live in Berkeley, California. Rishi Reddy works as an air quality engineer at Weebies, a fictionalized Silicon Valley behemoth. It wrangles fiction to explore the ways in which the tech revolution reaches into areas of life not often associated with the tech industry. It interrogates the American Dream, boldly studying our country's privileging of some immigrants over others. Booklist calls it a "deeply compassionate exploration of the...insidious ways in which class divides us...and the explosive touch-point of today's headlines regarding illegal immigration, (with) penetrating insights into the intangibles of motherhood and, indeed, all humanity.