Trump so bad

Sarah Kliff on how Obamacare keeps refusing to implode. Murkowski and Collins are not the feminist heroes you want them to be. After Trumpcare: Republicans wanted to repeal Obamacare and gut Medicaid — instead they galvanized the push for Medicare for All. Behold the Trump boomerang effect: In Washington and around the world, in some surprising ways, things are happening — but they are precisely the opposite of what Trump wanted and predicted when he was sworn in. Why is Trump so bad at strategy? It’s time for some game theory — no, really. Nancy LeTourneau on the limits and dangers of Trump’s need to dominate.

Trump had a terrible July, but at least he played a lot of golf. Trump embodies every one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Jared Bernstein on key dangles and norm erosions in the age of Trump. How Donald Trump’s kleptocracy is undermining American democracy. Republicans might abandon Trump, but Trump is not abandoning them. The presidency in exile: Republicans can still save America from Trump — will they turn a blind eye to his corruption, or finally take steps to slow his authoritarian slide? Jeff Flake: “My party is in denial about Donald Trump: We created him, and now we’re rationalizing him. When will it stop?”

“He really does have a tweet for every occasion. Unbelievable”.