Donald Trump has his finger on the nuclear button

Trump assigns White House team to target Iran nuclear deal, sidelining State Department (and more). Iran says the US is violating the nuclear deal — it has a point. Heather Hurlburt on Trump’s dangerous game with Iran. Scuttling the Iran deal will lead to another North Korea. Give up on denuclearizing North Korea: The question now is how to convince it not to use its weapons. North Korea can strike California, but Trump’s foreign policy is still a work in progress. These are all the scary ways North Korea would hit back if Trump strikes. Thread: “A mini-tweet storm on North Korea’s ICBM, the missile defense system in Alaska, and accidental nuclear war with Russia”. Ex-nuke commanders: Talk to North Korea, open NATO-Russia dialogue.

Nuclear diplomacy from Iran to North Korea: Jessica T. Mathews reviews Losing an Enemy: Obama, Iran, and the Triumph of Diplomacy by Trita Parsi and North Korea and Nuclear Weapons: Entering the New Era of Deterrence, ed. Sung Chull Kim and Michael D. Cohen. Michael Lewis on why the scariest nuclear threat may be coming from inside the White House. Donald Trump has his finger on the nuclear button — maybe we should do something about that: We can’t afford to leave that power to an impulsive egomaniac.