One step closer

Stephanie Polsky (Goldsmiths): The End of the Future. Venezuela just moved one step closer to authoritarianism. Forget that big iceberg — a smaller one in the Arctic is more troubling. Is the Independent still independent? From meme wars to death threats: How far-Right internet culture turns into political action. Cashing in on the rise of the alt-Right: Violent “free speech” rallies and crowdfunding campaigns are fueling a new cottage industry. The U.S. government’s fight against violent extremism loses its leader: The resignation of George Selim, a key Homeland Security official, may signal a shift away from treating the American Muslim community as partners in the struggle against radicalization.

For Trump and Sessions, a warm beginning turned into an icy standoff. Jeff Sessions deserves to be humiliated. Jeff Sessions — this time, it’s personal: Trump’s willful misunderstanding of the obligations of an Attorney General reflects a larger flaw in his Presidency and in his character. Can anyone persuade Trump not to fire Sessions? Trump’s assault on Jeff Sessions is a golden opportunity for Democrats: They can put Republicans on the spot in several uncomfortable ways.