African edition

From VoxEU, Nathan Nunn on understanding the long-run effects of Africa’s slave trades. 60 years later, are colonial-era laws holding Africa back? Moses Ochonu (Vanderbilt): Diaspora Intellectuals, Alienation, and the Production of Africa in the Euro-American Academy. Tayo Raymond Ezekiel Eegunlusi (FUTA): Mental Alienation and African Identity: Exploring Historical Perspectives in Response to the Crises of African Societies. Erin Metz McDonnell (Notre Dame): Conciliatory States: Elite Ethno-Demographics and the Puzzle of Public Goods within Diverse African States. Andrea Guariso and Thorsten Rogall on the role of rainfall in Africa’s ethnic conflicts.

Hassan Mudane (Istanbul Ticaret): Botswana’s Success: The Critical Role of Identity-based Democracy. How much have development strategies changed in Africa since independence? It depends. Daniel Knowles on how Africa is urbanising without globalising. Throw the bums out, African edition: Why term limits give African voters vital leverage over autocrats. A model for a more inclusive democracy? Kathleen B. Jones reviews Rwandan Women Rising by Swanee Hunt.