Democrats to the left

From Democracy, Michael Sandel on the state of the resistance: What’s needed now are priorities, and an affirmative political project. Democrats can abandon the center — because the center doesn’t exist. Young voters will pull Democrats to the left. Young black Democrats, eager to lead from the left, eye runs in 2018. Democrats pitch a kinder, gentler populism: With the unveiling of the party’s new agenda, the rhetorical battle for the allegiance of the middle classes has begun. Can the Left create a diverse class-based alliance? If so, it would be the first. Democratic rising star Kamala Harris has a “Bernieland” problem.

Bernie Sanders’s campaign isn’t over: In Trump’s America, the independent senator is fighting to win back the heartland for Democrats. Part of his surprise success in 2016 was that Bernie Sanders didn’t do politics like other people; now he’s a frontrunner for president — does he wing it all over again, or start building the kind of campaign operation he never embraced the first time? “I have a conscience”: Ed Pilkington on the Wall Streeters fighting for Bernie Sanders in New York.

Left with rage: When Trump is gone, the bourgeoisie alliance will turn its full power on the Left, and the real work will begin.