Everyone into fighting climate change

Robin Kundis Craig (Utah): Zero-Sum Games in Pollution Control: Ecological Thresholds, Planetary Boundaries, and Policy Choices. Rafael Leal-Arcas (Queen Mary): Sustainability, Common Concern and Public Goods. Jonathan Lovvorn (Harvard): Climate Change Beyond Environmentalism Part I: Intersectional Threats and the Case for Collective Action. Bard Harstad (Oslo): The Conservation Contradiction and Political Remedies. Kirsten H. Engel (Arizona): Democratic Environmental Experimentalism. Here’s how to bribe everyone into fighting climate change: “Our only real chance of success is to spend vast amounts of money on R&D and infrastructure buildout”.

Jim Rossi (Vanderbilt): Carbon Taxation by Regulation. Joseph E. Aldy (Harvard): Designing and Updating a US Carbon Tax in an Uncertain World. Here are two shockers: Big Oil wants to tax itself to fight climate change — and it wants the proceeds to go to American families.