Directly implicated

David Chalmers (ANU): The Combination Problem for Panpsychism. The last hope for Venezuela is also a frightening one: As the country descends into dictatorship, who will stop Nicolas Maduro? Fighting words: Laurie Penny on the “free speech” equivocation. Guns, extremism, and threats of escalation: Rick Perlstein goes behind the far-Right’s “counter-resistance”. The Trump administration is preparing to redirect resources of the civil rights division toward investigating and suing universities deemed to have discriminated against whites. President Trump is now directly implicated in trying to cover up the Russia scandal. Jacquelyn Ardam reviews Tough Enough: Arbus, Arendt, Didion, McCarthy, Sontag, Weil by Deborah Nelson.

Trump’s new chief John Kelly reaches out to top Dems to save White House’s agenda. Hold the applause for Trump’s new chief of staff: Firing Anthony Scaramucci was easy — John Kelly’s biggest challenge is to prevent his boss from gutting the rule of law.