Workings of international relations

Duncan Bell (Cambridge): Political Realism and International Relations. Realism’s illiberal roots and its revival in American politics: Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins reviews After the Enlightenment: Political Realism and International Relations in the Mid-Twentieth Century by Nicolas Guilhot. Helene Sjursen (Oslo): Global Justice and Foreign Policy: The Case of the European Union. Philip G. Cerny (Rutgers) and Alex Prichard (Exeter): The New Anarchy: Globalisation and Fragmentation in World Politics. After watching the destructive and unjust workings of international relations, former diplomat Carne Ross explains why direct democracy now makes more sense to him (and more). The first chapter from Fighting for Status: Hierarchy and Conflict in World Politics by Jonathan Renshon. Who runs the world? Mid-level bureaucrats.