Trump is destroying

The marketplace of ideas is killing the Trump administration: “What stands out is Trump’s complete inability to grasp any policy idea”. Donald Trump has finally erased the line between conservatism and conspiracy theories. 8 things the Trump team denied, and then later confirmed. As the lies and contradictions mount, federal officials are deciding to simply ignore Trump. The mess in Washington could soon drive Republicans into rebellion against Trump. With baby steps, Senate Republicans abandoning President Trump. Lamest administration ever: It would be hard to bet against entropy in the case of Trump. Trump came in as a weak president, and he’s made himself weaker.

It’s not all chaos at the White House: Trump has been steadily delivering on his promise to appoint conservative judges. Trump has quietly accomplished more than it appears: The chaos, legislative fumbling, and legal jeopardy should not obscure the ways that the administration is remaking federal policy in consequential ways. The past week proves that Trump is destroying our democracy. Keith Whittington on possibly impeachable offenses: The need for Congressional investigation. How to remove a crazy president from the White House.