The devastating harms of solitary confinement

Jamelia N Morgan (ACLU): Caged In: The Devastating Harms of Solitary Confinement on Prisoners with Physical Disabilities. Federal prisoners with mental illness may spend years in solitary confinement. The harm of solitary confinement: The psychological and social effects of supermax isolation. America’s invisible inferno: Martin Garbus reviews Hell Is a Very Small Place: Voices from Solitary Confinement. The link between race and solitary confinement: Men of color are overrepresented in isolation, while whites are typically underrepresented. Will America stop putting kids in solitary confinement? America’s inability to put an end to solitary confinement: Peter Baker reviews 23/7: Pelican Bay Prison and the Rise of Long-Term Solitary Confinement by Keramet Reiter.