Is China facing destabilizing changes?

Sahan Savas Karatasli (Princeton) and Sefika Kumral (Johns Hopkins): Territorial Contradictions of the Rise of China: Geopolitics, Nationalism and Hegemony in Comparative-Historical Perspective. Rosita Dellios (Bond): Silk Roads of the Twenty-first Century: The Cultural Dimension. Xi Jinping is “putting the house in order” — or is China facing destabilizing changes? The dark side of China’s national renewal: The race-based ideas of the country’s leaders have unwelcome historical echoes. The renminbi goes global: Barry Eichengreen on the meaning of China’s money. China’s robber barons take collusion to a whole new level.

Wen-Chen Chang (NTU) and David S. Law (WUSTL): Chinese Constitutionalism: An Oxymoron? Lose religion or face censure, top China official tells Communist Party members. China’s besieged human rights lawyers: As the global spotlight on the nation’s domestic policies has dimmed, lawyers for dissidents increasingly face a terrible choice: acquiescence or imprisonment. Kevin J. O’Brien (UC-Berkeley): China’s Disaffected Insiders.

Michael Hathaway (Simon Fraser): China’s Indigenous Peoples? How Global Environmentalism Unintentionally Smuggled the Notion of Indigeneity into China. Lessons from the “airpocalypse”: Slavoj Zizek on China’s smog problem and the ecological crisis. China’s war on coal continues — the country just canceled 104 new coal plants. China looks to capitalize on clean energy as U.S. retreats.