Why the leaked presidential transcripts are so frightening

Gabriella Paiella on the best lines from the Trump foreign-call transcripts. Trump privately says border wall is “least important thing”, exposing fraudulent campaign rhetoric. Trump’s phone call with the Mexican president shows that he’s terrible at making deals. Australia’s prime minister slowly realizes Trump is a complete idiot. “Like teaching a 4-year-old to read”: Ana Navarro ridicules Trump’s policy ignorance in leaked transcripts. Why the leaked presidential transcripts are so frightening. Thread: “These leaks come at cost in several ways”. Why leaking transcripts of Trump’s calls is so dangerous: “Donald Trump has launched the executive branch into a cycle of self-destruction for which he bears ultimate blame — but whose ultimate cost will be borne by his successors and the American nation”. Somebody in the White House thought we needed to know this stuff — remember that.