Trump, Humiliation, Populism: Franco "Bifo" Berardi in conversation with Verso

Renowned Italian Marxist theorist and activist Franco “Bifo” Berardi discusses our current political impotence and the tool of humiliation in demoralizing and manipulating citizens, which helps to explain Trump’s victory and the power of figures like Nigel Farage. But rather than despair, Bifo argues that we should see in this humiliation the possibility of autonomy and eventually, communism. He maintains that we should emancipate from the superstition of waged labor and create a world where richness is for everyone. Whenever there is a hippie, a punk, an engineer, a rebel with a keyboard, the global silicon Valley is there. If we want to win the battle against the global corporations that are the real force of capitalism, it’s not politics that will help us, it’s not the nation state or political parties, it’s us.