Of Israeli constitutional law

Yitzhak Benbaji (Tel Aviv): Zionism, Territorial Rights and the Right to National Self-Determination. Alan Johnson interviews Chaim Gans, author of A Political Theory for the Jewish People. Mazen Masri (City): Colonial Imprints: Settler-Colonialism as a Fundamental Feature of Israeli Constitutional Law. The introduction to The Dynamics of Exclusionary Constitutionalism: Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State by Mazen Masri. Tamar Kricheli‐Katz and Haggai Porat (Tel Aviv) and Yuval Feldman (Bar-Ilan): Are All Types of Discrimination Created Equal? Michael Freedman (MIT): Politicizing Religion: The Impact of Religious Institutions on Voting in Israel. Michael M. Karayanni (HUJI): Multiculturalism As Covering: On the Accommodation of Minority Religions in Israel. Karin Carmit Yefet (Haifa): Synagogue and State in the Israeli Military: A Story of “Inappropriate Integration”.