Trump’s anti-immigrant crusade

Peter Margulies (Roger Williams): Bans, Borders, and Justice: Judicial Review of Immigration Law in the Trump Administration. Trump wants us to break the law: The Trump administration is pushing sheriffs to keep illegal immigrants in jail for longer than is constitutionally allowed — and it’s putting sympathetic sheriffs in a tough spot. How ICE is using big data to carry out Trump’s anti-immigrant crusade. Congress was preparing for some immigration skirmishes — Trump wants a battle royal. Trump aides plot a big immigration deal — that breaks a campaign promise. Trump is winning his war on immigration: Americans may not like Trump’s crackdown — but they’re not stopping it. Places with the fewest immigrants push back hardest against immigration.

Sarah Stillman on the mothers being deported by Trump. DREAMers with kids prepare for the worst. Republican Party autopsy author Sally Bradshaw goes off on GOP as Trump’s DACA decision nears. Ilya Somin on the case for keeping DACA. Republicans could protect Dreamers if they wanted to — but will they? Some Republicans don’t want Trump to end DACA, but saving it won’t be easy. Trump pulls plug on DACA — will he survive the consequences?