Trump is using taxpayer dollars to enrich himself

Matthew I. Hall (Georgia): Who Has Standing to Sue the President Under the Emoluments Clauses? Seth Barrett Tillman (NUI Maynooth): Karl Popper’s Falsifiability: The Foreign Emoluments Clause — A Debate Between Constitutional Eloi and Constitutional Morlocks. Late wages for migrant workers at a Trump golf course in Dubai. Thread: “Ppl keep calling Trump’s weekend visits to his properties ‘vacations.’ They are not vacations. They are taxpayer-funded self-enrichment”. Donald Trump is using taxpayer dollars to enrich himself while asking Congress to fund his government. Dems hope to block Trump businesses from receiving federal funds. Trump’s profits from his D.C. hotel prompt two new federal investigations.

Ivanka Trump has learned well from her father’s cons. Major Republican donor Brint Ryan’s firm is underwriting a lecture with Donald Trump Jr. to the tune of $100,000 — just as his firm stands to benefit from the “tax reform” that Donald Trump is championing. How to get rich in Trump’s Washington: His presidency has changed the rules of influence in the nation’s capital — and spawned a new breed of lobbyist on K Street.