Trump is trying to blow up the Iran nuclear deal

White House “pressuring” intelligence officials to find Iran in violation of nuclear deal. How Donald Trump is trying to blow up the Iran nuclear deal. Will Trump recertify Iran? Much hangs in the balance. Former UN Ambassador John Bolton has a plan to pull out of the Iran deal — it’s bad. Trump says Iran is violating the nuclear deal — it isn’t. Iran is adhering to nuclear deal limits, UN says, despite Donald Trump claim. Unfortunately for Trump, the Iran deal is still working. Trump’s case against the Iran nuclear deal has very little to do with nuclear weapons. Trump on Iran is a repeat of Bush on Iraq. More than 80 experts urge Trump not to abandon Iran nuclear deal. Obama hands scramble to save Iran deal.

The Europeans have 90 days to save the nuclear agreement with Iran. The Iran deal may live after all. Iranian public may be turning more skeptical, hostile toward US.