It’s already happening

Greg Frost-Arnold (HWS): The Rise of “Analytic Philosophy”: When and How Did People Begin Calling Themselves “Analytic Philosophers”? Ariella Binik (Oxford): Does Benefit Justify Research with Children? The Burmese military is committing crimes against humanity. An investment model for the Arctic: Increased investment and development in the Arctic is inevitable and it’s already happening — that is a positive if it is done the right way. Ex-Medicare head Andy Slavitt says Trump “purposely” raising insurance premiums (and more). Socialized medicine has won the health care debate. People who complain about millennials are really just complaining about being old.

Susan Brownmiller: “Hugh Hefner was my enemy”. Hugh Hefner wasn’t just a creep — he was also a shitty boss. Anti-puritan but blind to his male privilege, the Playboy mogul liberated men by demeaning women. Good riddance to an abusive creep: Hugh Hefner was a tyrant who expounded a cruel and exploitative philosophy. Hugh Hefner’s world wasn’t just bad for women — it hurt men, too.