Truth and race in the Trump era

Study: Trump fans are much angrier about housing assistance when they see an image of a black man. White people are really confident that things are getting better for black people. Jacob T. Levy on why black liberty matters (and a response). Dancing around the word “racist” in coverage of Trump. We should have seen Trump coming: Obama’s rise felt like a new chapter in American history — but the original sin of white supremacy was not so easily erased. Donald Trump, white supremacy, and the discourse of panic. Bonnie Honig on the “members only” president: Trump’s paternalistic language of care draws an exceptional circle around whites only.

Lawmakers of color expected a culture war from Donald Trump — just not in sports. Trump made Kaepernick’s protest about him — here’s how to take it back. The fight over Jemele Hill’s tweets won’t go away — it’s about truth and race in the Trump era. “One for literally every occasion”.