What happened in Catalonia?

Why part of Spain is trying to secede — and why the Spanish government cracked down on it. What happened in Catalonia? Why the independence referendum turned violent. Catalonia’s independence drive is a critical stress test for Spain’s democracy. Carlos Delclos on Spanish democracy vs. Catalonia’s independence vote. More populism than separatism: Emotions are running high in Catalonia. Catalonia, Spain map out their next moves after chaotic vote for independence (and more and more). The would-be secessionists in the Spanish region of Catalonia are about to get a reality check: No way, says the EU (and more). David Frum on what Canada can teach Spain about secessionists. Political risk makes a comeback in Europe.

It may seem silly to American sports fans, but the question over what would happen to Barca should Catalonia secede was a relatively important one in a lot of people’s minds.