Everything before

Bianca Crewe and Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa (UBC): Rape Culture and Epistemology. The thankless task of being Michael Moore: He’s been right about everything before, and he really thinks you are living in a bubble. Tucker Carlson is sorry for being mean — sorta, kinda, but all’s fair in politics and punditry these days, right? Judith Shulevitz on Kate Millett: Sexual Politics and family values. The study of languages has long been prone to nonsense — why is linguistics such a magnet for dilettantes and crackpots? Fifty years ago, the Freedom of Information Act gave the public access to government secrets —all you had to do was ask; how a simple request became a bureaucratic nightmare. Onora O’Neill wins $1 Million Berggruen Prize for philosophy. “the word you’re looking for is ‘Republicans’, you morons”