Republicans struggle to govern

An oral history of the Trump administration as told through anonymous quotes from White House and Republican officials. “Soon”, “very soon”, “eventually”: A detailed list of things Trump said would happen. Ex-Reagan advisor Bruce Bartlett: Trump’s cabinet could go down as the worst in history. Trump aides begin looking for the exits. How Mitch McConnell paved the way for Trump. Dam Jentleson on the myth of Mitch McConnell, political super-genius. The Washington press corps favorite thoughtful conservative wants to get rid of almost the entire federal government: Let’s give Paul Ryan credit for what he is proposing — it is specific, it just happens to be crazy.

Why do Republicans struggle to govern, despite controlling Congress and the White House? Republicans are the party of ideological inconsistency. Trump, Roy Moore, and the craven surrender of the GOP establishment. There is no GOP establishment or base — just massive resistance. Republican strategists have come to the unnerving conclusion that no one in their party — not even Donald Trump — has absolute influence over the unruly populist movement that swept him into office. “Brother kicked that double standard right in the teeth”.