The gerrymandering wars

Michael S. Kang (Emory): Gerrymandering and the Constitutional Norm Against Government Partisanship. Steven Semeraro (Thomas Jefferson): Partisan Gerrymandering: Is There No Shame in It or Have Politicians Become Shameless? David Wasserman on how the Congressional map has a record-setting bias against Democrats — and it’s not just 2018. Democrats’ 2018 gerrymandering problem is really bad. Take a look at one of the country’s most blatant gerrymanders. The new front in the gerrymandering wars: Democracy vs. Math. Jane Dailey on how gerrymandering is a threat to our republic. Eric Holder: Gerrymandering has broken our democracy — the Supreme Court should help fix it (and more).

Everything you need to know about the Supreme Court’s big gerrymandering case. Will Justice Kennedy sink partisan gerrymandering or save it? The Supreme Court looks poised to strike down gerrymandering — here’s why. The U.S. could be free of gerrymandering — here’s how other countries do redistricting. Andrew Prokop on how Canada ended gerrymandering.