Among the world’s indigenous people

Bernd Brabec de Mori (KUG): What Makes Natives Unique? Overview of Knowledge Systems among the World’s Indigenous People. S. James Anaya (Colorado) and Sergio Puig (Arizona): Mitigating State Sovereignty: The Duty to Consult with Indigenous Peoples. Thomas Duve (Max Planck): Indigenous Rights in Latin America: A Legal Historical Perspective. The forgotten First Nation: Six years after the floods, indigenous Canadians are still homeless. Francesca Dominello (Macquarie): Political Apologies and their Challenges in Achieving Justice for Indigenous Peoples in Australia and Canada. Despite small victories, indigenous communities around the world face an uphill battle.

Doug Kiel (Northwestern): Bleeding Out: Histories and Legacies of “Indian Blood”. The convenient Indian: Melanie Benson Taylor on how activists get Native Americans wrong. Researchers who study the DNA of ancient Native Americans have been learning how to collaborate with American Indian tribes instead of fighting them over ancestral human remains — but a recent case suggests still more sensitivity is needed.