Julie Houts & Karah Preiss | Literally Me

Star Instagram illustrator Julie Houts talks with Karah Preiss, of the Belletrist book club, about her new book.

Julie Houts has taken Instagram by storm with her beloved collection of dark and witty comic essays that satirize what it is to be a modern woman. Her work tends to center on the mildly antisocial women who try to maintain the balance between all the absurdities of life in the time of social media.

Karah Preiss is a writer/producer living in New York City. In March 2017, Karah launched the online reading community B E L L E T R I S T with her friend and creative partner Emma Roberts. Belletrist is a dedicated online community for readers, the books they love, and the authors who write them, with the goal of promoting intellectual curiosity both online and off. Recorded October 25, 2017