Republicans will lose their civil war

Betsy Sinclair and Steven Smith (WUSTL) and Patrick D. Tucker (Yale): The Fragile Trump Coalition. Republican voters’ loyalty to Trump shows that the GOP has become an “anti-idea” party. Trump and the Republicans cannot govern — is that a feature or a bug? Jane Coaston on when “conservatives” turned into radicals. With investors under fire for financing white nationalism, Robert Mercer resigns from hedge fund. What is Robert Mercer worried about? Major trump donor Robert Mercer owes the IRS $7 billion in back taxes. Just how dumb are these Republican billionaires? The end of the conservative Republican: The dirty little secret is most on the Right care more about winning than policy.

John Boehner unchained: The former House speaker feels liberated — but he’s also seething about what happened to his party. Bari Weiss on the Trump debate inside conservative citadels. The anti-Trump Republicans issue a scream into an uncaring void. Are anti-Trump Republicans really anti-Trump? Establishment Republicans will lose their civil war with the insurgents. The Republican Party deserves a better civil war: The Bannon–McConnell feud boils down to this — how many more dashes of white-nationalist authoritarianism does the Koch agenda need? If Republicans can’t oppose Roy Moore, they’re headed for extinction. Liberty U. president Jerry Falwell says Trump could be “greatest president since Abraham Lincoln”.