Trump is turning government into a weapon

The retaliatory state: How Trump is turning government into a weapon of revenge. Jillian S. Ambroz on how Trump and Congress are erasing the last 20 years using an obscure 1990s law to wipe out regulations protecting citizens and the environment. Pay attention to the Kansas disaster: It’s what Republicans want for the whole country. Trump World express an alarming interest in “welfare reform”. How Trump is slowly destroying America's national security agencies. While eyes are on Russia, Sessions dramatically reshapes the Justice Department. Diplomats sound the alarm as they are pushed out in droves. Should you work for the Trump administration even if you disagree with the president?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was designed to stop Donald Trump. Crisis at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: Matthew Yglesias on why Republicans hate the agency. Stymied on many fronts, Trump chips away at Obama’s legacy wherever possible. Dan Balz on how Trump is really changing things.