David Neiwert & Joe Conason | Alt-America: The Rise of the Radical Right

Investigative journalist David Neiwert talks with Joe Conason about his new book Alt-America: The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump.

David Neiwert has made a name for himself by reporting on political and cultural extremists for over two decades. Now, in a time where so many Americans are mystified and alarmed by the seeming "revival" of xenophobic organizations and hate groups, Neiwert has compiled the results of his journalistic findings into one book. Alt America: the Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump examines the factors playing into the greater level of visibility afforded to the people who have come to be known as the Alt-Right in contemporary America. He traces the resurgence of far-right political ideology to the 1990's, and later, 9/11. Nurtured by right-wing radio, TV, and now the president, these groups have more leniency now than in the past 20 years.

Joe Conason is editor-in-chief of The National Memo and an editor at The Investigative Fund. One of the country's most popular political columnists. Conason authored two New York Times best selling books, The Hunting of the President and Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine. His newest book, Man of the World, focuses on the post-presidency of Bill Clinton.