Almost everything

Foivos Dousos (Royal Holloway): Beyond the Selfie Principle: Radical Narcissism in New Media Cultures. Martin Reimann (USC), Oliver Schilke (Arizona), and Karen S. Cook (Stanford): Trust is Heritable, Whereas Distrust is Not. Gracy Olmstead on how electing Roy Moore will be the doom of the pro-life movement. Wall Street got almost everything it wanted in tax package. How Ukraine’s attempt to arrest Mikheil Saakashvili led to a rousing rooftop speech. Trump’s acting directors are quietly dropping “acting” from their titles. Why is Trump intent on moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem? Fantastic beasts and how to rank them: The relative plausibility of impossible beings tells you a lot about how the mind works.

Trump campaign adviser Stephen Moore says GOP tax overhaul is “death to Democrats”. The Republican tax plan is a gift to the next Democratic majority. If you back Trump for his tax plan, you have to own his racism, misogyny and amorality too. Republicans are coming for your benefits. After tax cuts, Republicans eye civil war.