Good, evil and Roy Moore

“Maybe Putin is right”: Roy Moore remark on same-sex marriage resurfaces. Why Roy Moore considers U.S. “focus of evil in the modern world”. In Alabama, evangelicals weigh good, evil and Roy Moore. Benjamin Wallace-Wells on Roy Moore and the invisible Religious Right. “You need to think about it like a war”: For decades, conservative Christian voters insisted that character counts — in 2017, values voters are hard to find. Why women vote for sexual predators: When it comes to defending Donald Trump and Roy Moore, recent polls indicate white women are part of the problem. Inside the bubble: Jane Coaston on why Roy Moore has conservative media on his side.

In Alabama, no good outcomes for the Republican Party. Why Democrats win even if they lose in Alabama: The party will either pick up a seat in the Deep South — or have Roy Moore to campaign against in the midterms. “Here you have everything wrong with the leftist consumerist model of electoral politics in one paragraph”.