Reading too much

Scott L. Cummings (UCLA): Movement Lawyering. Martin Puchner on how Don Quixote’s battles predicted piracy in the digital age. Trump’s national security plan can be summed up in four words: America against the world. The White House says climate change isn't a national security threat — the military says it is. The Senate’s Russia investigation is now looking into Jill Stein. Elizabeth Drew on the danger of reading too much into Alabama’s special election (and more). Doreen St. Felix on how the Alabama Senate election sanctified black women voters. 7 years before Russia hacked the election, someone did the same thing to climate scientists. Turning 50, New York magazine thrives on “insane completism”.

Right nurses Moore wounds by attacking Mueller, Star Wars. Trump is sabotaging the Russia investigation — with Fox News’ help. Emily Stewart on Fox News’s FBI coup conspiracy theory, explained. Nancy LeTourneau on the Trump administration’s use of “kompromat” to undermine Mueller. Firing Mueller is so crazy Trump actually might do it. Andrew Prokop on 4 reasons firing Robert Mueller could blow up in Trump’s face. Why Trump might fire Rod Rosenstein instead of Mueller.