Scorched-earth break

Andrew Moon (VCU): How to Use Cognitive Faculties You Never Knew You Had. Trump’s voter fraud commission is dead — but the GOP voter suppression effort is just getting started (and more). Oh my fucking god, the DOJ is investigating Hillary’s goddamn emails again. FBI launches new Clinton Foundation investigation. The Trump administration’s new war on marijuana, explained. Smoked out: June Thunderstorm on the great enclosure of the marijuana commons. Obstruction inquiry shows Trump’s struggle to keep grip on Russia investigation. House Republicans have a new tactic to discredit, distract, and disrupt the Mueller probe. Kevin Liptak and Dana Bash go inside Trump’s two days of fury. Michael Grynbaum on Michael Wolff, from local media scourge to national newsmaker.

What was Steve Bannon thinking? Six theories to explain his scorched-earth break with the president that seems to have left him utterly isolated. Steve Bannon was never that smart: As a political strategist, he’s a danger only to himself. We’re about to find out if Bannonism is a thing. Trump spoke to Rebekah Mercer on the phone — then she knifed Steve Bannon. Steve Bannon’s billionaire benefactor cuts him off (and more). Led by the Mercers, Bannon’s allies abandon him.