Philosophical Foundations of Immigration Law

Political philosopher Jeremy Waldron explored how economic and cultural interests can determine immigration policy. The presentation served as the 2017 Frederic R. and Molly S. Kellogg Biennial Lecture on Jurisprudence.

Speaker Biography: Jeremy Waldron is a law professor at New York University, where he teaches in the areas of constitutional theory, legal philosophy and political theory. He was previously the Chichele Professor of Social and Political Theory at All Souls College, Oxford. Waldron was born in New Zealand and educated in law and philosophy at the University of Otago and University of Oxford. He has held academic appointments at the University of Edinburgh (1983-1987), University of California, Berkeley (1987-1996), Princeton University (1995-1996) and Columbia University (1996-2006). A prolific scholar, he has written and published many articles and books on the subject of jurisprudence and political theory. His books include "The Dignity of Legislation," "Law and Disagreement," "Torture, Terror and Trade-offs: Philosophy for the White House," "Dignity, Rank, and Rights," "Political Theory" and "One Another's Equals: The Basis of Human Equality."