Slowly turning

Sarah Rudolph Cole (OSU): The Lost Promise of Arbitration. Here’s what war with North Korea would look like: A full-blown war with North Korea wouldn’t be as bad as you think — it would be much, much worse. Jia Tolentino on the mesmerizing spectacle of North Korea’s “army of beauties” at the Winter Olympics. Rob Porter’s history of domestic abuse wasn’t a secret — it’s just that no one cared. Trump Team tends to defend alleged abusers, unless they’re Democrats. Former Cato employees describe years of harassment by ex-Cato President Ed Crane. Trump’s military parade would not be “un-American”: We are a country that worships the military, wages forever wars, and gives our leader the unilateral authority to end all human life. Roughly a quarter of the planet is slowly turning into a perpetual desert. Is Germany’s grand coalition the beginning of the end for Angela Merkel?

“If you can’t be bothered to read a daily summary of the biggest threats facing the country, you shouldn’t be President”. “There’s a tweet for EVERYTHING. It’s uncanny”.