Borders in the age of Trump

Matthew Lindauer (Brooklyn): Immigration Policy and Identification Across Borders. Bryan Caplan (George Mason) and Zach Weinersmith (SMBC): All Roads Lead to Open Borders: The Ethics and Social Science of Immigration. Hasia Diner (NYU), Sonia Hernandez (Texas A&M), Benjamin H. Johnson (Loyola), Julian Lim (ASU), Maddalena Marinari (Gustavus), and Elliott Young (Lweis and Clark): A Shadow on the Past: Teaching and Studying Migration and Borders in the Age of Trump. From Vox, a special report on borders by Johnny Harris. There is a massive movement of refugees globally — international community shuts down its borders in response.

Michael Huemer (Colorado): The Right to Move versus the Right to Exclude: A Principled Defense of Open Borders. Inconvenient truths about migration: Poking large holes in economic and political liberals' arguments for open national borders. Peter Hitchens writes in praise of borders. Borders, open borders, or no borders: If freedom of movement is a human right, is Brexit good or bad? “No borders” politics needs no defending — it’s common sense.